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As you all know, Nettalk's customer service is the worst ever.    Nettalk's Andy Acosta promised me a 3 week credit because of an ongoing problem with porting my number to nettalk.

I was supposed to get this credit to my account for two billing cycles now and repeated emails go unanswered.   I even sent a PM to Nettalk forum moderator Javier...who didn't respond either.

Hoping this post will do something....not holding my breath though....

This is Andy Acosta's email communication to me:

On Sep 9, 2016 9:44 PM, "Andy Acosta" <> wrote:
> George,
> I have followed up with this with T-Mobile as I received confirmation that your number should have been ported.
> It appears there was an error with the port request causing it to be rejected. I have reconfirmed all information and resubmitted the request.
> You should receive a text message notification when the number is successfully ported.
> Further, I have credited your account with 3 weeks of service to make up for the lost time.
> Best Regards,
> netTALK Wireless Team
> Ticket Details
> ________________________________
> Ticket ID: YXS-515-68571
> Department: Wireless LNP
> Type: Issue
> Status: Closed
> Priority: Normal


Vally Rhau  of Nettalk's Accounting/Refund Department send me this on Friday October 14, 2016 

Dear George, 
Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us the issue on your account. In the billing side, your account is active until 2016-11-06.  As per our recent conversation through a test on the phone number, the service is back active. 
We are still reviewing your first request: charged $20 instead of $5. we should have an answer for you very quick and credited the account if applicable.
Happy to assist and looking forward to having you as a customer. 
Please fee free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns
Thank you for choosing netTALK
Best regards, 
~~~Vally Rhau, Accounting/Refund Department~~~

 Beejay Bondoc of Nettalk sent me this  On October 3, 2016
On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 08:15 AM, "Beejay Bondoc" <> wrote: 

Hi thank you for the information. I will have your account looked at by the billing department and we will get back to you. We appreciate your patience.
There was a miscommunication.....No one responded to my repeated requests....the credit was apparently in the form of extended time for monthly renewal and not a credit back to my credit card. Thank you.

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