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Not able to login anywhere for a month.
I logged into my account regularly but as of several weeks ago when you click "login" at htts:// it now forwards to and the old login is NOT accepted. So then I made a new account with the SAME email as the tk6000 was on but it still wont import my tk6000 to my account. I tried by using "add duo" and then it brings up the username for the site and asks me to enter my password and when I do it says "it cannot go mobile" even though I chose "add duo" . My understanding is that the is for mobile apps but where are tk6000s supposed to login? Also there is no "other options" in the tk6000 accounts like there is for DUO owners. Can someone please fix that?
Hi Minute,

I wonder if there is some kind of mismatch going on as you mentioned that you created a new account on the nettalkconnect portal. Nettalk has rearranged the login procedure so that "normally" users now login only to the nettalkconnect portal and once you are logged in you can access the old customer account webpage by clicking on "More Options".

This may be a shot in the dark but I wonder if there is a password mismatch with the new account that you created. Are you using the same password to login at nettalkconnect as you used on the old nettalktelecom site? If not, try changing your password to the same one you used to use at the nettalktelecom site.

There must be a lot of TK6000 users out there so it's a little difficult to believe that only two users have posted the same issue, but then again, we don't know how many might be chatting with support.

Oh, by the way, the nettalkconnect site is not just for mobile apps. I don't use mobile apps and my duo device is showing up properly etc.
I found out on the chat that TK6000's are not supported on the Connect portal and to do that would require an upgrade to a duo.
So no email or notification whatsoever to the TK6000 users? Just cut them off and too bad so sad? NetTalk is SHIT!

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