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new DUOII static and buzzing
Your home phone should be at least 5 meters away from the devices... Edison@netTALK

This was the answer when I contacted netTalk support... anybody else ever hear of this or the answer a crock?

problem reported was:
with new DUO II... call quality is terrible, just picking up and listen to dial tone you get bursts of static, sometimes low but sometimes very shrill.... and after a bit it seems to have a repetitive rattle every second... 1 second of normal dial tone, 1 second of rattle w/dial tone over and over again... now and then dial tone loudness goes soft and then comes back full tone .... we are still resetting every am as calls are also not getting answered but now light has always been green and steady every am
Hi Genocc,

The answer you got about keeping the device 5 meters away from your home phone is likely just a general rule of thumb as most home phones are cordless now and the distance would help prevent RF interference. But, the problem you are having does sound like a defect with the device, or connection, or possibly the power adapter. I suppose you may also get interference if you have your device very close to other equipment like a power supply/router/pc. You could try relocating it. You could also try a different cord between the duo and telephone or another power adapter if have a similar 5V usb adapter. If none of this helps then I'm pretty sure it's a duo problem.

Good Luck,

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