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call drops after 15 minutes
Server upgrade my *&!*$(... There is not a single Admin (please B.C. refrain from answering, your posts make us believe you are an admin when you are a single member like all of us HERE and this is really upsetting and confusing for many) that has acknowledged the dropped of yet.

Can we get some help here..........please?
Yes, just to be clear, I'm not any sort of admin and I'm sorry if it comes across like that. I'm only offering ideas and experiences to try and solve the issue. Granted, the hope that the server upgrade would fix the issue was not the best as users are still getting call drops.
I did and still have the same problem. Call drop afer few minutes, some time shorter than 15 minutes. cannot get online customer service. It's been like fo 2 years and half. My contract ends in november... do you thid I will renew...... BIG NO . They were providing good service but before like 4 or 3 years ago, it change dramaticly.
We are not making a lot of calls and we don't often make long calls.  I checked our call log for the last week and we had 2 calls on April 10th, 14mins and 27mins, and 1 call on April 13th for 35mins and none of the calls dropped.

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