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chat not working. how do i report a problem?
i have been trying to solve a problem with my nettalk duo & have tried to access chat from my nettalk account.  clicking on it does absolutely nothing.  is there a new way to report problems & seek resolution?
Hi Sam1962, I too wasn't able to use the Chat feature of NetTalkConnect via Firefox web browser. When using Google Chrome, it does work. Maybe use a different browser to access the chat feature.

Even if you use the Chat Feature, I highly doubt someone will handle request on March 29, 2017 has not yet been seen as of April 7, 2017. I will try dialing 611 from my phone in order to reach Tech Support and will post here if I'm successful or not.

Dialed 611 and all I got is a Voice Message referring to go "online" and go to the Chat request via the address. Really disappointing and I'm tempted to raise a storm here on this side of the Border...regarding NetTalk (contacting the CRTC today).

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