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Customer Support/Troubleshooting is a TOTAL FAIL
On Wednesday, March 29 2017, I sent a message detailing my problem with the Call Waiting feature that isn't working since the server upgrade, as well as ALL my phone calls that drop after 10 minutes on the dot.

As of April 7, 2017, well, my message has not yet been seen, and here's the proof.  And none of my messages on this Forum have been handled by a NetTalk admin.  I'm attaching the proof, which is a screenshot taken a few minutes ago.

NetTalk, I don't give a damn about you anymore - on the "Canadian" side of the border, there are many higher instances and steps that can be taken.  All I want is the SERVICE THAT I'VE PAID IN FULL FOR A 12 MONTH SERVICE, is this too much to ask??????????

(This forum doesn't allow to post pictures, but here's a link to photobucket, so that you can see that Chat Support is just a lure to lead people into believing that NetTalk is a serious business - NOT!) :

NetTalk Poor Customer Service on Photobucket

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